A serial thief has been jailed after pleading guilty to nine new charges of stealing. Photo: file
A serial thief has been jailed after pleading guilty to nine new charges of stealing. Photo: file

‘Why do you keep stealing?’: Woman told to seek help

A WOMAN with a mounting history of stealing clothes, cosmetics and alcohol has been handed a 100-day jail term this week.

Stephanie-Dawn Mackenzie’s defence lawyer was at loss to explain her actions when appearing before the Ipswich Magistrates Court for sentence.

Mackenzie, 24, from Goodna, pleaded guilty to 11 charges including nine charges of stealing and two for failing to appear at court.

She appeared from jail via video-link.

Prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said Mackenzie was stealing items that were not essential, including dresses, wine, mirrors, jewellery and cosmetics.

“She was wearing some of the stolen items when spoken to by police,” Sgt Molinaro said.

Some of Mackenzie’s criminal history was outlined, with Sgt Molinaro describing her as being a young recidivist offender who already had six pages of history.

Sgt Molinaro said Mackenzie had now spent 109 days in jail and an overall jail penalty of six months was in range for her recent offences.

Defence lawyer Richard Zande said Mackenzie had to fend for herself for much of her life.

“One incident she could not even remember going into the K-mart store and taking the item,” Mr Zande said.

“It is petty stealing but what makes it serious is it is happening over and over again.

“It is very difficult to know what to do with this lady.”

Magistrate David Shepherd queried if there had been any explanation given, or a mental health assessment. He was told there was not.

“You may need to identify what it is that keeps you getting into trouble and take steps to deal with that,” Mr Shepherd told Mackenzie.

Mr Shepherd convicted and sentenced Mackenzie to 100 days jail for the stealing charges, with another nine days jail imposed for failing to appear at court.

He declared the 109 days as time already served and she was granted parole.