If it is flooded, forget it. No matter how big your four-wheel-drive is. And slow down!
If it is flooded, forget it. No matter how big your four-wheel-drive is. And slow down! David Nielsen

Why do motorists have a death wish in the wet?

DO some drivers just have a death wish in the wet?

Driving home from work yesterday afternoon, after online news and radio bulletins had been buzzing with wet weather warnings, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

A four-wheel-drive vehicle, probably close to three tonnes in weight, is being thrashed by a woman obviously in a hurry to die in the rain.

Her driving was appalling.

Tailgating, speeding up behind traffic obviously not fast enough for her liking, slamming on her brakes and expecting her vehicle to stop in a few metres.

She had no idea.

And she wasn't alone.

Another smaller four-wheel-drive was weaving in and out of traffic on the motorway in the rain.

Again, another one in a hurry to die - or worse kill someone else in the process.

Working in a newsroom, you expect the carnage to start as soon as the heavy rain begins.

What annoys you about drivers in the wet?

This poll ended on 10 June 2016.

Current Results

Tailgating or driving too close


Driving too slow


Pulling over on narrow roads in wet


Driving too fast for the wet




Driving in floodwaters


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Too often, it's a simple story.

Motorists not driving to the conditions.

They lose control in the wet, slide into the path of oncoming vehicles and are seriously injured, maimed for life or killed.

Too often, someone coming the other way is caught in the carnage.

Despite what people may think, journalists and photographers don't enjoy going out in the wet to record these tragedies.

The scenes are seared in the mind.

And they are a constant reminder for us to join the pleas of police.

Slow down. Drive to the conditions.

Nothing is that important that you need to die to get there.

And for goodness sake, put your mobile phone in the boot or glovebox if you can't keep your hands off it while driving.

You can't afford any distractions.

And the best advice of all for Saturday, stay off the roads during the heavy rains, especially if you don't need to go anywhere.