Jamie Lamberton-Kay has been jailed following the latest in a series of traffic offences. Picture: Facebook
Jamie Lamberton-Kay has been jailed following the latest in a series of traffic offences. Picture: Facebook

Why courts have had enough of serial traffic offender

A LOWOOD man with a lengthy history of driving offences has run out of chances with the courts, after being sentenced to jail for multiple counts of evading police.

There was no fleeing from police for Jamie Lamberton-Kay when he faced Ipswich Magistrates Court last Friday, with two officers escorting him off to the cells.

He received some stern criticism from Magistrate David Shepherd for his repeated driving offences, which he said had been putting the lives of others at risk for many years.

Jamie Thomas Lamberton-Kay, 27, from Lowood, pleaded guilty to nine offences including three charges of evading police in 2020; dangerous operation of a motor vehicle; two charges of driving when disqualified; and drink driving.

In agreed facts put forward by prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro, Lamberton-Kay twice fled from police when behind the wheel of a white Hyundai i30, and another time driving a green Toyota Landcruiser.

One incident started at Brassall late at night when he fled police at excessive speed and crossing onto the wrong side of the road.

In another incident at Goodna he avoided police by speeding at 120km/h in a 60 zone, and overtaking other drivers.

He was finally grounded in September after being spotted driving at 2.15am on Limestone St in the Ipswich CBD.

Lamberton-Kay did not stop and police deployed stingers near Pine Mountain Rd.

His vehicle was not stopped until his tyres shredded off the rims at Blacksoil.

Mr Shepherd said it was a matter of some concern that two of his disqualified drive offences occurred within six days of each other.

Lamberton-Kay's lawyer said his client had sought professional help with a psychiatrist.

The court heard Lamberton-Kay was being medicated for ADHD, and has behavioural issues.

Mr Shepherd said Lamberton-Kay had 15 convictions for failing to stop for police, 19 previous convictions for driving when disqualified, and four convictions for dangerous driving.

"It is extraordinarily lucky that no one has been killed by this behaviour, including yourself," Mr Shepherd said.

"The danger to the public of this sort of repeated behaviour simply can't be understated."

He noted that Lamberton-Kay was sentenced by a Toowoomba court in 2018 for serious dangerous driving and unlawful use of motor vehicle offences, and received a two-year jail penalty with parole.

Mr Shepherd sentenced him to 2 ½ years jail for dangerous driving and to lesser concurrent jail terms ranging from one month to 12 months.

His ability to hold a licence was disqualified absolutely.

He will be eligible to begin his application for parole on December 24.