Division 2 councillors Paul Tully and Nicole Jonic.
Division 2 councillors Paul Tully and Nicole Jonic.

Why council decided against free tip vouchers for residents

IPSWICH residents won't have access to waste vouchers any time soon, despite councillors promising their introduction during the election campaign.

Mayor Teresa Harding handed down Ipswich City Council's 2020-21 budget on June 30.

She said waste vouchers for ratepayers had been considered but ultimately didn't make the cut.

The introduction of waste touchers for local tips has long been wanted by sections of the Ipswich community and has formed part of promises by council hopefuls in years gone by.

Division 2 councillors Paul Tully and Nicole Jonic said they would support the introduction of tip vouchers for property owners and renters during their election campaign.

"A lot of people are tasking for tip vouchers rather than having to pay but we certainly want to extend it to the renters in the area," Cr Tully said in a campaign video.

A council spokesman said the current tip fee of $12 for up to 500kg covers only a percentage of the actual cost to the council to receive and process that waste.

In the council's new budget, the waste service charge increased by $10 to $371 a year, which covers at least 78 wheelie bin collections for each household.

"Council will continue to provide highly subsidised trips to the tip," Cr Harding said.

"Waste collection services will cost council around $17 million this next financial year, which includes the provision of a weekly refuse service and fortnightly recycling service.

"This amounts to approximately 60,000 tonnes of household waste going to landfill and 9,000 tonnes of kerbside recycling.

"There also is continual growth in the fortnightly green waste services."

Cr Jonic said one of her commitments during the election was a desire for the council to provide ratepayers and residents with annual waste vouchers as part of their rates.

"While I remain committed to this proposal, I understand there are other financial priorities within council at the moment, specifically aimed at getting our ratepayers and residents back on their feet after unprecedented times this year," Cr Jonic said.

"Waste vouchers are certainly something I will discuss further with my fellow councillors and council officers and is an option for council to consider in the future."