Why are tennis fans smearing Vegemite on their faces?

NICK Kyrgios is a divisive tennis player, winning and losing fans in seemingly equal measure with his expletive ridden on-court rants, unpredictable petulance (which on Friday saw his racket go flying into the crowd) and uncompromising press conferences.

But by reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon, in which he will play Richard Gasquet on Monday, the Australian is beginning to back up his sometimes arrogant attitude with the skill to warrant it.

But just as the 20-year-old wins over some of the haters and begins to be taken more seriously, some of his supporters appear to have lost the plot.

Mitchell McConachy wrote to Kyrgios on Facebook: "If you reply to this I'll cover my face in Vegemite".

The big serving Aussie did and was soon responding to the picture: "This is so awesome - thanks so much for the support dude... Doesn't get more Australian than support of your locals and a face full of Vegemite."



I get some pretty awesome support messages from my fans every day, but this one seriously is up there. Loyal support from home! #AustralianFans #Vegemite

Posted by Nick Kyrgios on Saturday, July 4, 2015

It seems to have started something of a trend. Another fan spread Nutella over her face.


And then a whole family did it.



Kyrgios's next match will be against 21st seed Gasquet is on Court 2 today.

Did a troll just trick Wimbledon fans into blackfacing?

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