Ipswich CBD development
Ipswich CBD development Rob Williams

Why a health precinct will breathe life in to the CBD

WE MUST have an anchor in the CBD.

I can't think of a better one than health.

We need an industry that will continue to grow and will ensure that we get the big numbers coming to the CBD every single day.

I understand people would love to see it return to the days of old when people were drawn there because of retail.

But those days are over and just building sparkly new retail outlets is not going to fix the problem.

We must have people coming to work every day in the CBD. And lots of them.

When those people come, so will the businesses that will bring it to life beyond just being a health district.

Cafes will be needed to serve coffees and lunch. Workers will need a place to have a knock-off drink after a long day.

And no doubt some retail therapy will consume lunch hours.

But we have to get the people their first and to make that happen.