CELEBRATION: Lowood resident Wilton Sippel turned 90 on October 16.
CELEBRATION: Lowood resident Wilton Sippel turned 90 on October 16. Rob Williams

Why 90-year-old Wilton is in love with Lowood and gravy

NINETY-YEAR-OLD Wilton Sippel reads the paper and the bible every day, is known for his gravy, has never been drunk and doesn't mind a tune or two on the violin.

Car loads of guests turned up at Lowood at the weekend to help Mr Sippel celebrate his 90th birthday and a life of good food, music and adventure, all of which happened within a 'coo-ee' of Lowood.

Wilton was born in Marburg on October 16, 1928. He was the eldest of seven, with five brothers and a sister.

"I wasn't expected to live and I was baptised in the hospital, but I guess I must have," he said.

"I was only 4.5 pounds and my grandparents had to come by horse and sulky, there were no cars in those days.

"I was a builder all my life and I grew up on the farm. We used to milk the cattle by hand and it was dry farming, we had no irrigation in those days and we worked with horses and not tractors.

"We survived a few droughts.

Wilton Sippel turned 90.
Wilton Sippel turned 90. Rob Williams

"I loved working with the land and the ground but I always wanted to be a builder."

Wilton worked for several years at Hopevale Indigenous Mission in North Queensland in the 60s, where he taught many about building and took on a large number of apprentices to work on some school buildings and the Lutheran Church.

Wilton and Lynette were married and had four children, Anne, Tania, Ian and Jayne.

"Lynette was working in the grocery shop when I spied her, she was somebody I liked and eventually we came together. I was 29 and she was 21," Wilton said.

"We got married in the Brethren Lutheran Church in Lowood but we worked on the church every day for a fortnight to have it built in time. I love Lowood and I love being here."

Wilton is a keen cook, best know for his gravy, and a dedicated reader and musician.

"I read the paper and bible or scripture every day and love cooking, my mum taught me. The gravy recipe was from my grandparents," he said.

"I always try to lead a healthy life and I've never been drunk. I have a few beers but I don't get drunk.

"I can play the keyboard and violin, an old chap taught me and my dad had a good ear for music.

"Be honest all your life and never cheat anybody."

Wilton's cream gravy recipe


The 'brown stuff in the bottom of the roast pan'




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