Sarah Roza is left shocked after Telv Williams walks out of the commitment ceremony on MAFS.
Sarah Roza is left shocked after Telv Williams walks out of the commitment ceremony on MAFS.

‘Where’s he gone?’: MAFS favourite storms off set

GET a box of tissues ready, because it looks like our favourite Married At First Sight couple may not last the distance.

Cracks started to appear in Sarah Roza and Telv Williams' relationship this week, after a minor argument in a taxi resulted in a days-long argument that saw them having an emergency therapy session with John Aiken.

They appeared to smooth things over and hug it out by the end of their meeting, but based on a new promo for Sunday's episode - it might have been too little, too late.

In the clip taken from the final commitment ceremony, Telv can be seen storming out, leaving a bewildered Sarah sitting alone on the couch, leaving the experts to ask: "Where's Telv gone?"

Before he left, Telv looked uncomfortable as he sat alongside his 'wife' on the couch.

The couple had a remarkably smooth journey from being strangers to spouses during the first few weeks, but it's clear the pressure has started to get to them in recent days.

Sarah was furious with Telv last Sunday after he watched a Snapchat instead of listening to her, and didn't speak to him for nearly 24 hours. Both parties refused to back down or admit wrongdoing, which culminated in another argument while their families were over for a long-awaited joint lunch.

Tense scenes.
Tense scenes.

Elsewhere in the preview, Nasser can also be seen leaving the room as his 'wife' Gabrielle waits on the couch. The two have struggled with their lack of intimacy for weeks, and Nasser tried to bail at last week's commitment ceremony.

It looks like Tracey and Dean may also be on the brink, although given the multitude of sins she's already forgiven him for, it would be a huge surprise to viewers if she actually left him.

Most recently, he was called out at the dinner party this week after making distasteful comments about wife-swapping during a boys' night out.

"I need stability in my partner ... The bombs haven't stopped," Tracey says, sitting alongside Dean.

In an interview with OK Magazine, Sarah opened up about the pressure of being in a relationship in the public eye.

"The public are obsessed with our relationship [which has] added pressure ... You don't want to disappoint the fans, but at the same time, you can't be fake. You have to be honest about how you're feeling," Sarah explained.

"There's a lot of pressure to stay together and every tiny gesture, comment or sideways look is read into and dissected into a million pieces."