Where Ipswich’s growth hot spots are located

IPSWICH'S population sits at more than 226,000, with 1400 new residents moving to the city from the start of the year until COVID-19 restrictions started to take hold of society.

That's according to data from Ipswich City Council's latest Planning and Regulatory Services Quarterly Report Card from January 1 to March 31.

During that three month period, 1400 new residents moved to Ipswich, 367 lots were created, 501 new dwellings shot up and 603 lots were approved.

Spring Mountain stands out as the biggest growth hot spot for the city since the start of the year with 95 new dwellings going up and 279 new residents.

Other growth hot spots include Redbank Plains (68 new dwellings and 156 new residents), South Ripley (53 new dwellings and 163 new residents), Ripley (43 new dwellings and 118 new residents) and Collingwood Park (30 new dwellings and 73 new residents).

Ipswich's population is expected to hit 500,000 by 2040.

The corridor between Ipswich Central and Springfield Central is expected to swell from 95,000 to 259,000 people by 2036.

Ipswich is home to 226,857 people as of the end of March.

Across the first quarter of 2020, 257 development applications have been lodged and 217 have been approved.

Securing much-needed infrastructure for one of the state's fastest growing regions is at the fore for new mayor Teresa Harding.

Cr Harding said last month her priorities include an Ipswich Central to Springfield Central public transport corridor; Norman Street Bridge; Ebenezer Willowbank Intermodal and Industrial Estate and a North Ipswich Entertainment Precinct.

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