THIS week we cover the food industry to see how Australian businesses turn dirt into dinner.

The interactive below outlines the number and composition of businesses involved in the industries from agriculture all the way through manufacturing, distribution, and finally, consumption.

One of the more interesting discoveries to be made here is just how much of our country is designated for grazing use.

While most categories of land use barely breach 1 per cent, and few breaching single-digits, grazing occupies 46.3 per cent of our landmass.

We've included the data sources we used in putting all this together, and are interested to see what you can come up with on top of our week of research.

Of particular interest for further research is the part that the transport industry plays in food production and the Coles/Woolworths duopoly.

Click the image below to see the full interactive.

Data resources

DAF: Australian Food Statistics 2010-2011

DAF Annual Report 2012

DAFF FOODmap An analysis of the australian food supply chain

Cleaned data set used for interactive