WHAT'S OPEN: Australia Day business trading hours

RUN out of pies, need a bandaid, fancy a coffee or want to see a movie?

Baristas, pharmacists, waiters, shop assistants, chefs, bakers and cashiers have foregone their public holiday to make sure the Ipswich community has access to what they need on Australia Day.

Here's what's open today.

Shopping centres and grocery stores

  • Riverlink Shopping Centre will open from 10am to 4pm but major stores, cinemas and restaurants may have individual trading hours.
  • Woolworths at Booval Shopping Centre will trade from 9am to 6pm and Big W from 9am to 4pm.
  • Coles Silkstone and Coles on Brisbane St in Ipswich will open from 9am to 6pm.
  • Redbank Plaza will open from 9am to 6pm.
  • Town Square Redbank Plains will open from 9am to 6pm for major stores and 10am to 4pm for speciality stores.
  • IGA West Ipswich will open from 6am to 10pm.

Cafes and restaurants

  • Rafter and Rose. 6.30am - 2pm
  • Heisenberg Haus will open from noon.
  • The Yard on Glebe is closed but will open on Saturday from 7am to 1pm.
  • Queen's Park Café is open from 9am to 2pm but bookings are essential.
  • Wild Rose Cottage Café is closed.
  • 5 Ways Café is closed for renovations.
  • Laneway Cage is closed.
  • Ungermann Brothers Ice Cream opens for the first time today at 11am at 88 Limestone St.
  • Dovetails Restaurant is closed.
  • Zaraffas West Ipswich and Booval is open until 10pm.
  • Old Fernvale Bakery is open and has plenty of hot pies.

Services and entertainment

  • Ipswich Day and Night Chemist is open from 8am to 9.30pm.
  • Riverlink Medical and Dental Centre is open from 8am to 10pm.
  • Limelight Cinemas at Riverlink is open from and screening until late.
  • Ipswich Art Gallery is open from 10am to 5pm.