What's next for hundreds of jobless Ipswich workers

FOR some Churchill Abattoir workers, more than 30 years of commitment will come to an end today.

Up to 140 people will leave the plant for the last time this afternoon when the last animals are killed and the slaughter room closes and another 130 will leave tomorrow when the 'chiller boys' finish up in the boning room.

It's just the start of a ripple effect as more than 300 workers will be out of a job next year when the case ready, sausage and corning room stop operations.

Only those working in the slaughter room are Churchill Abattoir employees and the remainder are Woolworths employees.

The company has held a lease with Churchill Abattoir for about 20 years.

Whole work is drying up, it's only just getting started for the unions, government agencies and support services working around the clock to find roles for displaced employees.

Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union organiser Warren Earle said for some of the workers, the redundancies marked the end of decades spent in the same job.

He said comradery was at an all-time high at the plant this week as employees prepared to continue their friendships outside work.

"More than 50% of the workforce has been here for more than 10 years," he said.

"There is strong comradery, they're all taking selfies and meeting after work for a meal at the pub.

"A lot of the group has worked together for a long time so they will miss that.

"There is still a bit more for us to do in trying to get as many into jobs as possible and putting pressure on the companies not giving them a fair chance."