Do you agree with the Somerset Regional Council's decision to inspect properties for unregistered dogs?
Do you agree with the Somerset Regional Council's decision to inspect properties for unregistered dogs? Yuriy Zelenenkyy

WHAT YOU SAID: Council's dog inspection rule

AT ITS last meeting, Somerset Regional Council councillors unanimously agreed to a plan to start a systematic inspection program to ensure dogs are microchipped and registered.

Starting from August 5, the inspections are set to be carried out at urban and rural residential properties throughout Somerset that don't have dogs registered for the 2019/2020 financial year.

This decision has proven to be contentious because under the Animal Management Act (2008) council inspectors can enter properties - although not the actual houses - without permission from landowners.

We asked Gatton Star readers what they thought of the plan, here's what you had to say:

Steve Lewis: "Anyone who enters my property with out my permission are going to be sorry!!"

Cooper Fernance: "It depends on what they are looking for. If they are looking for unregistered dogs and illegal breeding I think that's good."

Lizzy Pennell: "and then the dog bites them and is considered dangerous dog and put down because all they were doing was protecting their property. Idiotic rule."

Leanne Dyer: "Instead of worrying about the cash grab for unregistered dogs, they should be doing more about roaming dogs."

Chelle Boekel: "I think it should be no one else's business what animals they have on your own properties. As long as they are being looked after. We are so controlled and all these rules put on us. Are we free? Or just human slaves to rules."

Jessica Mazzaracca: "No one will enter my yard. Don't worry about the dog it's the kids you need to worry about"

Jessica Mullins: "So if they enter the property without warning to the owner and then are subsequently attacked by an animal on that property, who's fault is that?"

Elsie Bird: "What's the point of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house plus all the bills on top if people in a uniform are entitled to just come in our homes anyway? If they enter my property without permission they will be leaving without a limb."

Joy Emerson: "Should also make them desex their animals, can be the reason why some dogs escape find a mate game. If the inspectors also get bitten by said dogs protecting THEIR yards, a sensible person doesn't enter a yard with a dog doesn't matter big or small without permission from owner. What happens to that dog ????????"

Jane Payne: "Even the police need a warrant to enter a property unless a crime is in process"

Joanna Birch: "They don't have the authority"

Sue Prince: "what gives them the right. I would take them to court for trespass"

Tania Kelly Channon: "Lol but the postie can refuse to deliver your mail, and origin won't read your meter. But if there's a fine involved then these guys will happily access your property. Don't blame the dog if you get bitten and it's trying to protect it's domain."

Susan Noble Montana Lily: "I don't own a dog. That means Council workers can enter to check that I didn't lie. Not impressed. I think we are fooling ourselves thinking we are living in the land of the FREE."

Lizzie Bassett: "Like hell they won't! Private property signs, trespassers prosecuted! Talk about Big Brother!"

Tanja Dieckmann: "Unless there was half a dozen large dogs on a normal size house block causing a problem then no, stay off the property."

Denise Stapleford: "Not unless they can abide by bio-security rules and regulations, which no doubt has not been considered. Not all of us live in towns..."

Sharyn Roberts: "What about cats ? If dogs have to be registered so should cats."

Jade Belinda: "Surprise inspections to check on animals welfare would be more productive."

Dannie Walker: "they are trespassing on our property as far as I'm concerned. I would hate to be a worker they are going to cop so much abuse and degradation from those who haven't got registered dogs it's not funny."