What was that? More famous farts on live television

IS IT really better out than in? Maybe not on live television.

News broke - pardon the pun - this morning that Australia's favourite jungle girl Bindi Irwin may have passed wind on American television.

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The claim is that a perfectly normal bodily function occurred as she gave dance partner Derek Hough a jubilant hug.

All around the world, there are now discussions by watercoolers on whether or not Bindi let fluffy off the chain.

Whatever the truth, she is still a favourite of Australians and if true, would only go to show her to be exactly as down-to-earth as we expect.

In solidarity with Bindi, we have found a few examples of other farts on live television. All normal. All hilarious.

First we have the British breakfast television show host who's dignified honk was enough to force him to exit stage right.




Next is Oscar-winning actress and beloved television host Whoopi Goldberg interrupting Homeland actress Claire Danes on The View.



And finally, to show how natural these functions are, we have included a mama rhino who unwittingly became the star of a TV cross.

The reaction of the host is easily funnier than the act itself.