Things to keep in mind when you're on the roads these holidays.
Things to keep in mind when you're on the roads these holidays. Big Rigs

What truckies want motorists to know these holidays

IT'S approaching that time of year again - and no, we don't mean Christmas. 

It's the summer holidays, which means that as well as all of our truckies who "keep Australia moving", everyone is out on the roads travelling to see their loved ones. 

As everyone is always in a rush it seems and the roads are full of traffic, there are some things that truckies wish motorists would think about. 

Truckie Doug Weedon shared these eight top tips on Facebook. 

1. Realise you are on holidays, we are not

We have to run to a work diary and adhere to many extra laws that car drivers are never told about.

2. The speed limit is 100, not 90, or 95, or even 85 but 100

If you would like to sit on a lesser speed to feel safe, we support that, but please assist us by lifting your right foot and allow us to pass you in the overtaking lanes, that's why they are there.

Not for you to speed up then slow down again.

3. Take breaks

Good places to stop are truck stops as they have good food and toilet facilities.

This supports the locals and keeps our country going.

Please also be mindful though to use the car parking bays and leave the truck bays for trucks.

We are required to park trucks 26 meters long (or more) and as you may imagine, we need the spaces designed for us.

truck lights
Make sure your lights are on these holidays.

4. Have your lights on

Be seen, be safe, it costs nothing extra to travel with them on.

Fog lights are for inclement weather only, so unless there is rain or fog, please turn them off.

You will also save yourself a big fine for driving with them on when not needed.

5. Share the road

No single group has the monopoly, we all want to get home safe to our families.

6. Share the driving

Fatigue Kills, if you don't do a lot of long distance driving then share it around. A dead hero can't talk.

7. Don't be distracted

Put your phone away, let the passenger change the CD, eat while your stopped think safety first.

8. Do not drink or drug drive

Are the outcomes of a serious injury or death worth it?

You need to stay alert as you never know what's happening in the car travelling towards you.

Stay alert = staying alive.