FANTASTIC FEAT: The Ripley Valley FC side celebrate their recent Capital League 3 grand final victory over Logan Metro.
FANTASTIC FEAT: The Ripley Valley FC side celebrate their recent Capital League 3 grand final victory over Logan Metro.

What pleased president most about club's surge of success

AFTER a remarkable debut football year for the all-conquering Ripley Valley top team, club president Brodie Kenyon rated another achievement the most pleasing.

"Even though we were promoted and won the grand final (in the Capital League 3 competition) and had a really successful year with the seniors, our junior program for our first year was the most satisfying,'' Kenyon said.

"Seeing the progression in all our teams from the first game to last, how much they all enjoyed it along with our parents/coaches.

"Seeing the Ripley jerseys amongst all the schools and down at the shops is such a good feeling.''

Given that Kenyon was among the dedicated regional football fanatics to help set up the "community'' club in South Ripley, that response is understandable.

However, the experienced footballer conceded the surge of success was a major bonus.

"For our first year, expectations was zero in our discussions,'' Kenyon said.

"Deep down we knew that we wanted to field a competitive side in whatever division that was and we thought we would be able to grab enough talent to help maintain mid table at the very least.

"None of us really knew what the Cap 3 League was like.''

As a former Premier League and representative player still enjoying a game, Kenyon said it was "experience and character'' that made all the difference.

"Having the right people in the right places all doing the right things, wanting the same goals,'' he said.

Kenyon scored two of the four goals in Ripley Valley's recent grand final win over Logan Metro.

Given Ripley finished second and Logan were the pacesetters, that was an enjoyable finale, just weeks after gaining promotion to next year's Capital League 2 competition.

"It was certainly a highlight of our season,'' the utility player said. "Beating them in the grand final after struggling to score against them in previous games.

"They were the only team we hadn't beaten and we all wanted it really really bad. The team really dug deep. We could have played for another hour and I don't think they were scoring.''

Kenyon said Football Brisbane officials had confirmed Ripley Valley's right to move up a grade next season.

"That helps put Ripley on the map in the footballing circles we hope, both footballing wise and liveability,'' he said.

"Being promoted in the first year of existence, mums and dads now know that we are passionate/serious about football and want to provide for kids of all ages.''


Capital League Soccer match between Ripley Valley and Logan Village played at South Ripley on Sunday. Brodie Kenyon.
Ripley Valley FC player and club president Brodie Kenyon. Rob Williams

Although a highly regarded player, Kenyon said taking on the club presidency had been a great learning curve.

"We have a great committee that I wouldn't change for the world,'' he said.

"We all complement each other and quite proudly would call each of them a friend. We quite often socialise and joke with each other away from the football world also.''

Kenyon appreciated all the commitment given to launching the club in a new suburb.

"It was committee members all digging into their own pockets, hours of time each week and constant volunteer hours to ensure everything is running as we want it to,'' he said.

"Providence as our major sponsor, they aren't just there as a financial sponsor but also helping us get to where we are today.

"Families, all being a part of the clubs running and allowing/creating the time for us all to volunteer. The families also volunteer many hours assisting.''

Head coach Nick Paterson was a key cog in the success, providing rock solid support to Kenyon and the club.

"He was certainly an integral part of the senior team success alongside David Wilson our assistant coach,'' Kenyon said.

"We have a messenger group between the three of us and it would take weeks of reading to go back through them from where it all started.

"Nick was very good at attracting quality guys that can also play a bit of football and keeping the team harmony up beat. Organised and committed and always trying to get the best possible outcomes.

"Nick wears many hats within our club as does David Wilson and each committee member. They are all so involved on many different levels.''