SLOW DOWN: Dwight Campbell wants the speed limit on Nyes Cres in Buderim to be reduced. Photo: Warren Lynam
SLOW DOWN: Dwight Campbell wants the speed limit on Nyes Cres in Buderim to be reduced. Photo: Warren Lynam

‘What does it take?’: Calls to fix ‘dangerous’ speed limit

A SUNSHINE Coast man is fed up after his calls to reduce the speed limit on a Buderim road have been left unanswered for seven months.

Nyes Crescent resident Dwight Campbell first raised the issue with Sunshine Coast Council at the beginning of the year, yet said "nothing had been done" to fix the "dangerous conditions".

Currently sitting at 50km/h, Mr Campbell said it was impossible to travel safely down the narrow road at the set speed limit.

"I can only do 40km/h at the most safely because it's so windy and there's so many side roads," he said.

Mr Campbell said drivers often sped past his residence and he feared a deadly crash could be around the corner.

"I often hear the screech of tyres from people slamming on their brakes after passing by our house and entering the road curve above us," he said.

"We haven't had one hit here yet that I've seen, but with the drivers … I just don't want to see that happen."

No speed limit signs are placed along the road, Mr Campbell said, including a lack of warnings for the wildlife in the area.

"There a lot of tradies and others that use this road as a shortcut," he said.

"They (council) did put local traffic only signs at the top and bottom of the road, but it hasn't made a difference."

Despite some communication with council, Mr Campbell believes the issue has been "forgotten".

"I do get response but nothing happens and I'm at the point where I can't believe what they're saying anymore," he said.

"What does it take? Does it take a newspaper article and embarrassment to get it you to do something that should be done?"

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesman said in response to residents' concerns, council officers had measured vehicle speeds in "a number of locations" on Nyes Crescent.

The results revealed some motorists were travelling above the speed limit.

"The issue of motorists speeding has been referred to the Queensland Police Service for their enforcement," the spokesman said.

"Council officers have also recently removed line marking in selected places on Nyes Crescent to allow on-street parking and to foster a lower speed environment for motorists.

"Council will continue to monitor traffic volumes and speeds in Nyes Crescent."