What do you get with The QT's Premium deal?

MEET the region's most dedicated news-gathering team.

The QT's 11-strong editorial staff has a commitment for you: if it happens here, you'll know it first with us -- because we're for you.

After 160 years serving this community, and knowing through rich data what stories and subjects interest you, it's a pledge we're happy to make.

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And as we move into a new era online, it's a pledge worth repeating.

Today we move to a Premium online digital subscription product. This means the metered model we have used in the past 30 months is no more.

Under Premium, you will see more articles with a rainbow coloured Plus sign next to them. This means the story is available to subscribers only. But any story without a Plus sign is able to be read for free.

Nothing changes for current digital subscribers, who get to access everything under the same arrangement we have with them now.

It's worth reiterating the value you get with The QT Unlimited.

As well as full site access, you get full access to the digital print editions of The QT, as well as our sister paper The Courier-Mail.

Our app is essential for users wanting the best experience, it allows you to sign up for the latest breaking news as well as follow topics of interest to you.

Your digital subscription gives you unlimited access to stories across the News network, including The Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun and other News Corp sites.

We also want to urge readers to remember that their subscription, once they have activated their Courier-Mail part of it, gives you access to our SuperCoach footy tipping competitions.

Why not use to your advantage the knowledge access to the opinions from immortals Darren Lockyer and Gorden Tallis, and star writers Peter Badel and Crash Craddock, brings you?

The QT Unlimited is a special club. Members get access to free tickets, discounts and benefits worth hundreds of dollars a year through News Corp's member-only +Rewards site.

Rewards include free eBooks curated by HarperCollins and Harlequin, 12-month digital magazine subscriptions to magazine titles, ticket giveaways to major sporting matches and discounted tickets.

And the rewards are updated each month.

We're making this change because serious journalism costs money. For the good of this town we need help to keep the journalism numbers high.

It should lead to a more informed community, because those just using their handful of free stories a month (under the meter) are missing out on great local stories and information.

Join the 188,000 readers who access The QT in print or online.

They do it because of how we champion our people and our region. From the streets of Ipswich, across the Scenic Rim and into the Lockyer Valley and Somerset Region.

No one cares more than The QT.

To find out more about becoming a QT subscriber or to access parts of your QT subscription you've just read about, feel free to call our friendly customer service staff during normal business hours on 1300 361 604 or you can subscribe at qt.com.au/subscribe