What is Costco Crack and how to get your hands on some

THERE'S one product that makes Costco shoppers' grocery lists around the world - Costco Crack.

Swiss-Miss comes in little sachets, but like everything at the warehouse, it's sold in bulk, but this hot chocolate is like no other.

Ipswich mum of eight and Costco shopping expert Linda Carter is one of millions of people around the world desperate to get their hands on some.

She's not alone.

"Swiss-Miss is a very special hot chocolate," Ms Carter said.

Costco fans keen for new store opening. Linda Carter.
Costco expert Linda Carter Cordell Richardson

"It's nick named Costco Crack because it's so addictive. When Costco North Lakes first opened it sold out and people got so desperate for it, they started bidding for it on the internet."

Children Tessa, nine, Paul and Miriam, 12, Timothy, 14, Lily, 17, Sean, 19, Shannon, 20, and Joshua, 22, are well accustomed to the thrills of a Costco pantry.

"The jam tastes just like how my grandma used to make it and the coffee is great," Ms Carter said.

"It's worth the hype, it's fabulous. It's awesome and it's going to help so many families."