What boy told parents about sexual abuse

A TEENAGE boy told his mother her 35-year-old friend had "seduced" and sexually abused him, a court was told yesterday.

The boy, 13, was also sent a number of inappropriate messages and notes from the woman, the boy's mum told the Southport District Court.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of indecent treatment of a child and one count of carnal knowledge with a child.

The boy's parents yesterday gave evidence, telling the jury how the boy had moved in with the woman in February 2017 after a falling out with them.

The court was told the boy and his father had a physical fight in October 2016. The boy stopped talking to his dad and refused to see him.

In February 2017, the boy, who has Asperger's, had a falling out with his mother and moved in with accused, the jury was told.

The mum told the jury the boy refused to come home.

It was not until his father confronted the boy in March 2017 after a soccer match that he came home.

The court was told after the match the boy threatened suicide if he was made to go home so an ambulance was called.

The mum said she found inappropriate messages on the boy's phone between him and the woman, including a picture of the woman in a G-string and singlet.

The mum told the court the boy did not tell her about any abuse until May 2017 when he asked to talk to her.

"He said (the woman) seduced me into having sex with her," she said.

Under cross-examination the mum agreed that "seduced" was a mature word but denied putting the word in her son's mind.

The trial continues today.