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A Current Affair confronting for Lynette Daley family

TO SAY that watching last night's A Current Affair episode on the tragic death of Lynette Daley was difficult for her mother and step-father would be an understatement.

But after five years waiting for justice, keeping her story in the public eye is more important to Gordon and Thelma Davis.

Even if it means seeing one of the men accused of involvement in her death, Adrian Attwater, on the television screen after being tracked to Townsville by the ACA crew.

"He's just a bastard - he doesn't care. He shows no remorse and no guilt," Mr Davis said.

"He's gotten away with it, at least he thinks he has."  

Mr Davis says he is confident, however, that karma will catch up with Attwater, and he hopes it will be in a way that coincides with justice for his step-daughter.

The DAVIS and DALEY family members attended Nine Mile Beach on Saturday 2 April 2011 and erected a cross in the memory of Lynette
The DAVIS and DALEY family members attended Nine Mile Beach on Saturday 2 April 2011 and erected a cross in the memory of Lynette "Norma" DALEY.

Last Thursday, Gordon and Thelma met with NSW Attorney General Gabrielle Upton and DPP's Lloyd Babb over Skype, to discuss the independent review into the DPP's decision not to prosecute Attwater and his friend Paul Maris over the controversial events which led to Ms Daley's death in 2011, despite being charged.

While Mr Babb asked them what he could do for the couple, neither he or Ms Upton could give a timeframe of when they would see the review's outcome.

"All they said was it was under review and in the hands of independent (barristers)," Mr Davis said.

"I asked them for a time frame and they said they couldn't tell me, they didn't have one, but they wanted to do it thoroughly. I just said we're not asking for much, and they nodded but couldn't say yes or no.

"Things have changed for the Bowraville folks but it took them 20 years so maybe it will take 20 years for us too.

"But we've got 69,000 signatures and climbing on the online petition, so there's hope out there somewhere and a lot of people who want justice as well as us. They can't ignore that."

VIDEO: "No Justice For Lynnette Daley" on A Current Affair


EARLIER: A Current Affair reporter Chris Allen's brief encounter with one of two men formerly charged over the tragic death of Clarence Valley woman Lynette Daley formed the basis of a 13-minute segment which aired on the Channel Nine show last night.

The words 'we've found him' emblazoned across the television screen left no doubt  Adrian Attwater had been tracked down.

In a street in Townsville, it was clear Attwater was not happy to see the reporter, telling him to "f**k of" and leave it alone.

While Attwater was originally charged with manslaughter over his involvement in Ms Daley's death, the charges were dropped when the Department of Public Prosecutions declined to prosecute despite a coroner recommending it go ahead.

That decision is now subject to an independent review.

"The coroner slammed your behaviour and said you showed callous disregard for Lynette," Mr Allen prompted.

"What sort of man leaves a woman to bleed to death?"

"Nah, it's already been dealt with mate," Attwater replied.

"No one got left anywhere mate. Get your story f**king straight mate. No one left anyone."

Following the lead of ABC'S Four Courners program on the death, which aired on May 9, the segment also spoke to Ms Daley's mother, step-father and sister, and paramedic Adam Jarrett, one of the first people on the scene at Iluka's Ten Mile Beach.