Interim adminastrator Steve Greenwood says Ipswich City is ready for its new council.
Interim adminastrator Steve Greenwood says Ipswich City is ready for its new council. Contributed

'We're ready': Ipswich City prepared to welcome new council

IT's clear the freshly elected mayor and councillors couldn't be walking into their new roles at a more challenging time, with not only a global pandemic but also a recession looming.

Despite the uncertainty of what the coming months will look like, interim administrator Steve Greenwood said the new council will find robust policies, streamlined procedures, a strong fiscal position and a highly skilled workforce awaiting them.

"We're ready for handover," Mr Greenwood said.

"Our teams have spent more than 18 months preparing a system which is now highly regarded in local government circles, and one which other councils are learning from."

Speaking at the final council meeting before the March 28 election, Mr Greenwood said he was confident the new council would find they had the support of a great leadership team.

"It couldn't be a worse time," he said.

"Who could have picked that we'd be heading into recession, let alone under siege by a global pandemic.

"Regardless, this council has the right people to support the new council, it is in a superb financial position, and there is a passionate desire to help the community - particularly during these toughest of times.

"We are ready to return to elected leadership. It is going to be a very challenging time … as a council dealing with, working and building the capacity of our elected members so they can do their job at the same time as dealing with one of the most significant challenges that the organisation will have dealt with for many, many years."

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