CONVINCING WIN: Peter Wellington, pictured with constituents John and Carol Burls, was returned to office last night.
CONVINCING WIN: Peter Wellington, pictured with constituents John and Carol Burls, was returned to office last night. John Mccutcheon

Wellington targets corruption crackdown

NICKLIN independent Peter Wellington has vowed to be part of a crackdown on corruption in government and to push legislative change to deliver security of payment to the state's sub-contractors.

He was returned to office last night with a big swing to him and success for the first time in a key northern electorate booth.

Mr Wellington said he was looking forward to returning to a Parliament, free of what he described as the nastiness and vindictiveness of the past three years.

He hopes to play whatever role he can but will make himself available to serve on the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct committee which he said should return to a position of watchdog rather than lapdog of the government.

To that end, Mr Wellington said he would push for an investigation into the linkages between donations to political parties and decisions of government.

"My first issue though will be to ensure that events like the Walton collapse that affected thousands of subcontractors forcing some to sell their homes never happens again," he said.

"Security of payments will be a challenge for big construction companies but money paid by clients has to be quarantined to the job for which it's intended."

Did you expect such a massive statewide swing against the LNP?

This poll ended on 01 February 2016.

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Mr Wellington said the election had not been about asset sales but the whole style of leadership of the government. He said the anger against Campbell Newman at the ballot box had been palpable.

"Hopefully the next government will be one that governs compassionately for all Queenslanders," Mr Wellington said.

"In Nicklin there's been a big difference at this election to the one three years ago. I expect to see big swings back. The LNP are no longer favoured.

"Three years ago there was a queue for LNP How To Vote cards. That's not there now."

Mr Wellington said voters had reacted angrily to Friday night Robocalling tactics of the LNP.

He said booth workers reported that LNP campaign workers received an earful from people angry that their unlisted numbers had been accessed.

The LNP's Matt Trace enjoyed his first outing as a candidate despite the looming swing against his party and the heat.

"They're not taking our How To Vote cards," he said.

"But we are having a good time and it's civil in all the booths."

Labor's Justin Raethel had a good day in a tough seat to win.

"A lot of people are happy to see me," he said. "There were long lines this morning."


WELLINGTON, Independent: 65.09%, TRACE, LNP, 34.91% - two-party preferred.

PRIMARY: Wellington 43.69%, Justin Raethel, Labor, 16.41%, Matthew Trace, LNP, 30.12%, Julie Doolan, The Greens, 8.72%.