Wellcamp Business Park secures global player

Artist's impression of Wagners' Wellcamp Airport from promotional video. Photo Contributed
Artist impression of the Wellcamp Business Park. Contributed

UPDATE: A global player has announced a new base at the Wellcamp Business Park.

Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield services company, is expected to be on site by the end of July, providing about 100 jobs for the region.

It's a major milestone for the Wagners Group - the park's first development since the opening of the airport and part of the family's progressive vision for the precinct.

Wellcamp Business Park developer Denis Wagner said securing the international company, which employees about 115,000 people worldwide, would help to put Toowoomba on the map for larger companies around the world.

"It will be the first building to go up in the Wellcamp Business Park," he said.

"It's great for the local area, economy and the local employment market," Mr Wagner said.

"No doubt businesses in this region will be able to work with Schlumberger. There are a lot of opportunities for local businesses to get involved with what's happening at Wellcamp Business Park."

Mr Wagner said the company had been keen to be located close to the airport.

"That was the real driver. Had we not had the airport, I'm unsure whether they would have come to Toowoomba.

Wagners would be providing the site and the buildings, with construction to start soon.

"It will happen very quickly."

Securing the international powerhouse is just the start for the Wagner's vision for the 800ha Wellcamp Business Park which incorporates the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport.

The plan will turn the area into a business hub with a focus on aviation, logistics, transport, corporate and mining services.

Mr Wagner said the company was in discussions with other potential large-scale industrial developments including from the aviation sector as well as food processing facilities.

EARLIER: The first development has been secured at the Wellcamp Business Park.  

International oil and gas services company Schlumberger is expected to be on site by the end of the July, providing about 100 jobs for the region. 

Wellcamp Business Park developer Denis Wagner said the location near the airport would allow easy accessibility for the company.


"Schlumberger is an international oil and gas services company, this will be their base for this region."

"They were keen to be close to the Wellcamp Airport."