Welcome to winter in December

IF you're confused, so are we.

After scorching conditions, rampaging fires, dust hazes and dry winds, this week has ushered in weather that's probably more suited to the cooler months.

The Bureau of Meteorology says Ipswich won't get above 26C for the next few days. Today will see a high of 24C - 6C below the December average - tomorrow 26C and Sunday 24C.

The minimums will follow suit too; 18C today with a string of 19C's right through until Monday.

If all this is too hot for your liking then any of Ipswich's neighbouring towns might offer some comfort.

Boonah will see a low of 15C today, tomorrow and on Sunday. Esk, Gatton and Laidley will see similar numbers and none of the maximums will get above 25C until Tuesday.

The best chance of rain is on Sunday and Monday.