EARLY LEAD: Hornets all-rounder Harry Wood boasts a slender advantage over brother and teammate Jack in their sibling six-hitting competition.
EARLY LEAD: Hornets all-rounder Harry Wood boasts a slender advantage over brother and teammate Jack in their sibling six-hitting competition. Rob Williams

Welcome to the Wood war

TO SAY brothers Jack and Harry Wood are competitive would be something of an understatement.

Hornets coach Aaron Moore said the pair of all-rounders would likely "get into a fight over a marbles match”.

And whilst there is little crossover with marbles and cricket, that competitive drive and desire to one-up each other is something Moore welcomes.

"The good thing is they drive each other, it's always positive,” Moore said.

"There's always that bit of banter around the place, but it's all positive.”

Skipper Anthony Wilson added the Wood brothers "always have a contest” going.

Their most recent rivalry revolves around clearing the boundary rope.

"We have a six-hitting competition throughout the year. Whoever hits the most sixes gets a carton of beers,” Harry said.

The younger of the two brothers admits he was gifted a five-match head start on Jack, who missed the beginning of the season nursing a collarbone injury.

However when asked whether an average tally would be a better measure of who wins, Harry quickly jumped on the front foot.

"That won't be happening - that's his problem,” he said with a laugh.

Surprisingly, Harry said he had yet to make a tally of who was leading heading into the Christmas period.

"I haven't looked into it. I said to him (Jack) I would, because I had a pretty good weekend,” Harry said.

"He missed those five games, but I reckon it would be pretty even.”

A quick glance at MyCricket has Harry leading Jack 15 sixes to 11 - although the latter has six more matches to his name.

All jokes aside, Harry said it was "all pros”, no cons when it came to padding up alongside his brother.

"It's awesome to be honest,” he said.

"We're really close me and Jack. Because we've grown up and there's only two years difference, I've always been able to compete with him.

"With him batting in the middle order now, I get plenty of opportunities to bat with him. I love playing with him.”

The Wood brothers are not the only siblings to suit up for the Hornets' First Grade side.

Top-order brothers Dan and Anthony Wilson, and fast bowlers Sean and Rowan Lutter are, also.

Plenty has been said and written about the peculiarities of having three sets of siblings in the one cricket team.

But ever the competitor, Harry said he and Jack shared the most fierce sibling rivalry.

"Anthony is very casual, I think that's just his personality,” he said.

"Seany and Rowan I think are similar. They're reasonably low-key. Sean bowls quicker than Rowan, but Rowan definitely bats better than Sean.”

Anthony agreed with the young all-rounder, adding he and Dan's quirk is mostly good-natured ribbing.

"We definitely always joke about hitting sixes. But for us, if you come off and you've hit one six you're laughing - that's a good innings,” Anthony said.

"For Jack and Harry, that goes on for the whole season.

"Dan and I don't really have any competitions. We'll get stuck into each other more than our other teammates - when it's your brother, you're not afraid to tell him straight-up.”

Watch for Jack and Harry to continue their hitting contest in today's T20 against Gold Coast at Baxter Oval.

Play begins at 2.15pm.