One ambitious bloke reckons 'heaps of rum' helps keep the flu at bay.
One ambitious bloke reckons 'heaps of rum' helps keep the flu at bay. TAHLIA STEHBENS

Weird and wonderful ways to beat the flu

WHILE the vaccine is the method most recommended by the Department of Health for combating the flu, there are a slew of other options people swear by.

The Gatton Star asked readers to share their best preventative methods for fending off the flu without the need for needles.


More flu vaccines are being rushed to the Sunshine Coast as a particularly severe season sets in.
There are a few things you can do without getting a jab, punters say. Contributed

Community Recommendations

Don't go out/avoid public places

Wash hands, thoroughly

Over-the-counter flu medicines

Official flu vaccination

Vitamin C supplements

Garlic products

Essential oils


Colloidal silver

Eating fruit

Eucalyptus products

Wearing a mask


Herbal tea that Krista says alleviates cold and flu symptoms.
A nice pot of tea can help to alleviate cold and flu symptoms. Krista Bjorn

The most common advice was to simply avoid the Ekka and other areas with large crowds, or abstain from even going out in public at all during the height of flu season.

Ian Lersa: "Hand Hygeine and avoiding crowded public places. Definitely avoid people coughing and sniffling at all costs."

Many comments endorsed the use of over-the-counter cold and flu medications, while an equal number highlighted the importance of washing your hands, especially after time spent out in public.

Eileen Hooper: "Wash hands, do not touch your face in public - you may have touched something with the germs & inadvertently pass it to your mouth, eat healthily. Eucalyptus on the soles of your feet nightly. But have a flu needle just in case, anyway the consequences are too serious."

In a tangled tie for third place were pleas to just take the official flu vaccine, and counter-suggestions to use essential oils, take Vitamin C supplements, and to eat or use garlic products.

Chelle Boekel: "I call it my pucker kit. It consists of emu oil capsules, colloidal silver water, Modere probiotics, Modere colostrum, Modere D3, vitamin C, horseradish and garlic . Yuki bear chest rub, breath easier essential oils I have in air misters."

Some suggested that rum was the best medicine, while others recommended wearing a face mask would be protection enough.

Brad Zischke: "Plenty of rum."

Other suggestions included eating fruit, taking colloidal silver, or using eucalyptus products.

The Gatton Star stresses that remedies suggested on social media are no substitute for proper advice from qualified doctors and pharmacists.