Cookbook queen Annette Sym with her latest release.
Cookbook queen Annette Sym with her latest release. Contributed

Weight-loss guru Annette Sym launches latest cookbook

SUNSHINE Coast weight-loss guru Annette Sym has set her sights on ensuring singles and couples are eating healthy food in her latest cookbook release.

Twenty-one year after providing home cooks with her first Symply Too Good To Be True Cookbook, Annette has launched Cooking For 1 Or 2 People.

This latest addition adapts some of her previous recipes to smaller portions, eliminating the need for excess leftovers and waste.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the average household includes 2.6 people, with single households making up 24.4 per cent of the population.

Annette said the new book especially catered to grey nomads and empty-nesters and promoted the idea of enjoyment in cooking.

"I want to bring everyone back to the love of cooking for self and this is where people don't think to put the oven on or they just go 'I'm not worth the time', but you are," she said.

"When I was writing the book, because we're empty-nesters, I loved it so much and I would say to my husband, 'That was so easy to make', and I'm writing the book.

"But I worry about, as a community, when you are single, especially, that you don't bother, and I want you to bother."

Annette said she was also concerned about food waste when writing her new book.

"I was very conscious, and I wanted it to be recipe book that you didn't have waste," she said.

The book includes a cross-reference feature where readers can see which recipes use the same ingredients and plan their weekly meals to reduce waste.

"The other waste I worry about is people's waistlines because we are getting fatter and I have been in my healthy weight range for over 25 years," she said.

"I used to be 100kg and I know it (being healthy) works.

"It's no single thing: it's low fat, healthy food, eating lots of colour and exercising, drinking water and honouring yourself by giving yourself good food."

Annette said after 21 years, she was more excited than ever with the launch of her new book and that nothing had changed in her approach to creating it.

"I'm thrilled," she said.

"Here's all these people, 21 years on, like me who are all empty-nesters.

"Suddenly, you have these amazing recipes they've loved for years - for two.

"That's what I love: the trust that people have in me after 21 years."

Annette's newest self-published book can be bought online at or from newsagents from December 3.