Stormclouds hover over Brisbane's CBD earlier this year.
Stormclouds hover over Brisbane's CBD earlier this year.

City to get month’s rainfall in a weekend

A WET weekend is forecast across southern Queensland, with Brisbane expected to reach its average monthly rainfall total in just three days, starting Friday.

A trough is sitting in the southwest of the state and will steadily move eastward, bringing plenty of rain.

The city could see its August rainfall average of 38.7mm over the weekend, but areas further west would see even more, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Janine Yuasa said.

"It's a three-day event across a lot of southeast Queensland," she said.

"The best falls are going to be out towards Roma, St George and down towards the NSW border area on Saturday."

Up to 30mm was expected to fall in parts of that region.

"Closer to the coast it's more likely to be about 5 to 10mm on Saturday with showers and storms as well," she said.

"The majority of the activity should occur Saturday night into Sunday morning for the southeast."

Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast would see falls of up to 25mm on Sunday, while the Gold Coast would register 30mm.

Much of the rain was expected in the morning, while a thunderstorm is also possible in the morning and afternoon.

The added cloud cover across the southeast would keep temperatures close to average.

"We've just had a run of warmer-than-average days with cloudless skies for the last few weeks, so temperatures will be a little bit cooler than what we have seen," Ms Yuasa said.

"Accordingly, with the cloud cover of course that will keep the morning temperatures up a little bit warmer also."