Police called to Emerald State High School.
Police called to Emerald State High School.

Hammer produced in school fight

A NUMBER of students were involved in a school fight with a hammer last week, causing Emerald State High School to go into lockdown.

It is alleged the fight between students, ex-students and others broke out in the midst of a sporting event at about 10.30am on Thursday, May 24.

Officer in charge of Emerald Police Senior Sergeant Peter McFarlane said only a "handful of kids were involved in the fight", although more than 50 onlookers were present.

"You have people lawfully at the school watching a sporting event and then a fight has started, and you have everyone milled around this fight," he said.

"We have students, past students and students that don't attend the school.

"There was a hammer produced and threatened but it was never used to assault anyone."

One person was hospitalised following the incident and later released.

Police have issued a number of cautions, however, no charges have been laid and the school has taken disciplinary action.

"We still have one person we need to catch up with in relation to the fight," Snr Sgt McFarlane said.

"We are still investigating at least one other person but a number of cautions have been issued as a result of our investigation.

"Bringing a hammer to school grounds is something we take quite seriously.

"The school take it very seriously and they have acted appropriately and issued some very harsh discipline sanctions on the students and we are happy with what the school did on the day."

A spokesperson for the Department of Education said the school went into lockdown as a result of the incident to ensure the safety of all school goers.

"The safety of staff and students is the highest priority of Queensland state schools," they said.

"The lockdown was lifted after approximately 30 minutes following police advice.

"The school will continue to work with the Queensland Police Service as they investigate the incident."

Snr Sgt McFarlane said if students are witness to a fight, they should report it to teachers or school staff straight away.

"It is certainly a good reminder to kids of how easily it can happen and how quickly it can get out of hand."

Emerald Police stated investigations were ongoing.