Amiah Perhouse-Yasserie with baby Beau.
Amiah Perhouse-Yasserie with baby Beau.

‘We wouldn’t hurt our children’: Mum’s heartbreak for Beau

THE grieving mother of a baby boy who police now say died in suspicious circumstances says she deeply misses her "very loved little boy" and has "no idea what had happened" the day he was found unresponsive in his cot.

Beau Frank Bradshaw was found unresponsive in his family home in East Mackay about 2pm on June 2 and was declared brain dead two days later in hospital.

Beau's mother Amiah Perhouse-Yasserie, 21, told The Courier-Mail nothing unusual had happened prior to Beau being found in his crib coughing, blue and semi-conscious by his father, Ayden Bradshaw, 24.

"He was a little bit sick but nothing like out-of-the-ordinary, nothing that really concerned us to take him to hospital," Ms Yasserie said.

Detectives are investigating the death of six-month-old Beau Frank Bradshaw who was found unresponsive at a East Mackay home on June 2.
Detectives are investigating the death of six-month-old Beau Frank Bradshaw who was found unresponsive at a East Mackay home on June 2.

Ms Yasserie said the kids woke up, she fed them, bathed them and dressed them before the family-of-four walked to the beach.

When they returned home, Ms Yasserie said the children ate lunch, she put Beau down to sleep in his cot and went to the laundromat because their washing machine was broken.

"I didn't come home until I got the phone call that he had stopped breathing," she said.

"[Ayden] heard him coughing and he went to go check him and he was pretty much unconscious when he walked in there and picked him up because his head just flopped back.

"He quickly called Triple-0 and then he started doing CPR on him until the ambulance could get there."

Ms Yasserie said the police investigation "feels like a big kick in the gut".

"We don't have anything to hide, we honestly don't," she said.

"We obviously know they are doing their jobs but we as parents don't understand why it's happening to a family that honestly would never hurt their children.


"There's no evidence, there's no proof. You can walk into our house and you can tell that our kids aren't neglected; they're not abused. They've got heaps of clothes, they've got food, they are fed, you can see that they are fed.

"They've got normal bumps and bruises that a kid would have like falling and trying to crawl and walk and jumping off stuff and climbing stuff."

She said police have only interviewed the couple once, on the night of June 2.

"They took our phones which we sort of needed because that was the only contact we had with the hospital and they had our contact details," she said.

"We had no idea what was going on, we had no idea what had happened.

"That was the horrible thing as well, when a police officer is asking you what happened and you don't have an answer to give because you don't know."

baby Beau Bradshaw sadly died earlier this month.
baby Beau Bradshaw sadly died earlier this month.

Beau was farewelled by relatives and family friends on Friday.

Ms Yasserie said Beau was a "very loved little boy".

"He was just such an easy-going baby, he was very happy, his daycare teachers loved him, everyone loved him, you couldn't not smile back at him when he smiled at you," she said.

"He was just a really happy, smiley baby, He never really cried. He was always on the go, he was crawling by four-months, he would have been nearly ready to walk by seven months.

"[His sister] tried to do the big sister thing, try and carry him, try and drag him around and try and play with him… she was pretty active with him, she loved him."

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