We want to find our region's best sports volunteer

VOLUNTEERS are the lifeblood of sport.

Without volunteers, Ipswich regional sport would cease to function so those dedicated people deserve to be recognised.

Ipswich has some of the best volunteers so the QT wants to put a spotlight on the people making a difference.

Now it's up to you - our valued reader out and about at our sports grounds - to nominate your favourite volunteer.

You can nominate an official, a coach, a manager, a sports trainer or even a parent offering vital care behind the scenes on QT's Facebook page later tonight. But they must be a volunteer.

Please provide a name, their sport and some brief information about their contribution.

Once nominations are in, the QT will compile a story showcasing the list of nominees, and create a poll which people can vote in.

Once nominations close, votes will be tallied and the winner announced.

The list of most valuable volunteers will appear in the newspaper, the QT website and Facebook page.

Start nominating now.