How can daylight be saved? Can anyone tell me this?
How can daylight be saved? Can anyone tell me this?

'We need a new system for daylight saving...this is it'

YOUR SAY: In response to those who advocate daylight saving time.

When daylight saving was first introduced it was one of the greatest cons ever foisted onto mankind.

How can daylight be saved? Can anyone tell me this?

Before daylight saving was introduced there was complete harmony all around the world as far as people being able to work out the correct time anywhere in the world at any time.

With the old system when it was midday at any particular place it was noon or 12 o'clock and every place on earth was either before or after this time and there was no problems whatsoever with working out the time anywhere on earth.

However when DST was introduced, some countries introduced it; some states did and some cities did also, but it wasn't introduced universally and it caused utter confusion and mayhem throughout the world and it will continue to do so unless a better system, which I suggest here, is introduced.

Just an example of confusion that reigns is on Armistice Day when Queensland celebrated it at 11am, one hour before noon while the rest of Australia celebrated it two hours before noon at their time of 11am. What utter confusion.

A new system that should be introduced should be called "early starting time" and this new system can be explained as follows:

If a country, a state or city wishes to start and finish an hour early let them but never ever adjust their clocks accordingly.

Leave the time on their clocks exactly as it has been all around the world before DST was introduced.

If anyone wishes to work to this new system let them.

It's up to them to let their customers, and all people involved whoever they are and wherever they are, know their system of starting early and for what period or periods they wish to do so.

For this to happen someone out there with sufficient power and authority will have to take the bull by the horns and make it happen to discard DST and introduce this new EST.

Let Australia be the first country in the world to introduce this new system and stand up for itself instead of following the rest of the world like sheep.

DOUG YOUNG, Toowoomba