A thief returns to the scene of a crime to steal a car.
A thief returns to the scene of a crime to steal a car.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘We need a crime crackdown’

I BELIEVE everyone should feel safe in their own home and on the streets of their community.

Sadly, that sense of security has vanished across much of Queensland.

Since Annastacia Palaszczuk became Premier, crime has spiralled out of control in our state.

Robberies have increased by 94 per cent under Labor, while car theft has increased by 77 per cent and assaults have risen 35 per cent.

Labor thinks these shocking figures are acceptable - but I don't.

I promise Queenslanders that an LNP Government will stop this crime wave in its tracks.

There will be no more slaps on the wrist under a government I lead.

Instead, there will be real consequences for offenders who rob, assault and terrorise members of the public.

The LNP has a comprehensive plan to target the young offenders who are responsible for the Queensland crime wave.

If the LNP wins the next state election, we will introduce mandatory detention for young offenders convicted of a third offence.

We will introduce 24/7 monitoring of young offenders on bail and breaching bail will once again become criminal offence.

Labor's soft policies tipped the balance of justice in favour of offenders. The LNP will tip the scales back towards victims and community safety.

But an LNP Government will also do more to rehabilitate young offenders and prevent more youths from turning to crime in the first place.

Community Payback Farms will be used to educate and rehabilitate repeat offenders before they are released, while our Justice Reinvestment program will increase early intervention to improve the physical and social well-being of children in deprived communities.

This is a comprehensive plan that puts community safety first and backs our police with more resources and tougher laws.

Too many lives have been ruined by Labor's crime wave.

It's time for the revolving door of Labor's youth justice system to be slammed shut.

But the only way we can do it is by changing the government on October 31.

- LNP Leader Deb Frecklington




Harry's View
Harry's View





I C LAMMERMOOR: What a crock. Pauline cares about her money train as a Queensland Senator and herself. She cares nothing for people who she sees as beneath her.


LPMC: Oh no, our want to be financial expert, Qld qualified lawyer now Treasurer Cameron Dick says Labor's Qld debt will reach $100Bil. Three weeks ago he wanted to buy Virgin Airlines, sorry you have no idea how to manage money, time to open the books up and supply taxpayers a dudget before the Oct election.


DM: Wonder if Deb Frecklington still wants the border open to Victoria? Will she say she was wrong?


ANON: Premier don't talk crap SEQ is the only part that benefits from AFL teams call Qld home that SEQ a joke. You and your government are finished in Qld, bring on the elections, no stadium till the Qld labour gov are kicked out.


ANON: We had the chance to host NRL or AFL game here but why no stadium an we have a bunch of rejects running CQ.


ANON: If we had a multi stadium in CQ we could have had NRL or AFL teams but that time has come and will go.