Blainey Woodham

We have a need for speed, say Qld drivers

QUEENSLANDERS are demanding higher speed limits on the state's roads, as the government now considers whether drivers should be allow to go faster than 110kmh.

But while the need for speed looms large, changes may not necessarily speed us up.

The government called for submissions at the start of August on how motorists viewed speed limits.

Of the 3375 submissions, 52% said speed limits were too low while 32% said they were too high.

More than one-third of the submissions came from Brisbane motorists, followed by the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.

For the next month, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will focus on narrowing down the 100 roads to be reviewed as part of a "road safety action plan".

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said it would be up to safety engineers to decide if and how speed limits would change, based on the quality of some road.

When the review was announced, RACQ's own safety engineer Greg Miszkowycz said the state could force drivers to go slower on stretches of the Bruce Highway because of its patchy condition.

The review is the first of its kind since 1997.