Religion cannot dictate to a country's governance, says one reader.
Religion cannot dictate to a country's governance, says one reader. USA-TARO

We cannot let religion govern our nation

THE Pope's historical visit to Egypt to support those Episcopal churches targeted by terrorists is marked by his plea to stop violence in the name of religion.

The Middle Eastern world was silent as these Christians were murdered.

The global Muslim population has not publicly condemned such outrageous attacks upon innocent believers.

"Infidels" have been targeted by those who believe church and state cannot be separated, in predominately Muslim nations.

Indonesia is another nation which boasts of democracy, yet there are endemic religious elements intolerant to Christians, non-Muslims and other ethnic minorities, with power to sway elections for political ends.

The Chinese governor of Java has recently been charged with blasphemy and a new election, forced by the pressure of religious leaders upon the people, has ensured he has been replaced by a Muslim leader.

He is yet to learn his fate.

Religious tolerance and multiculturalism is a Western ideal which Muslim countries, leaders and governments openly, and, at the least, covertly denounce.

Australia has opened its doors to all religious minorities, with the freedom to practise their culture and beliefs undisturbed.

Yet there are imported elements which challenge our laws and right to do the same.