Dropping water levels at Wivenhoe Dam
Dropping water levels at Wivenhoe Dam

Water wise message for Somerset and Lockyer Valley residents

URBAN Utilities and Seqwater have urged Somerset and Lockyer Valley residents to save water this summer.

While water restrictions are not yet required, residents and businesses are encouraged to reduce their water use in any way they can.

The water supply schemes in the Lockyer Valley and Somerset are not connected to the southeast Queensland water grid and rely on their own local treatment plants.

Seqwater spokesman Mike Foster said increases in water usage during hot, dry weather placed additional pressure on t local water treatment plants.

"We're particularly encouraging residents in the Lowood, Esk and Kilcoy water supply schemes to reduce their water consumption over summer," he said.

"Although water for these towns is sourced from major dams, we need to manage demand to avoid exceeding capacity of the local treatment plants during peak periods."

Seqwater is closely monitoring Jimna's water source, Yabba Creek, via the water level at the Big Hole, as it may drop quickly.

If the Big Hole drops to 8m below normal operating level, Seqwater will begin supplementing the water supply with tankers.

The township of Linville is now supplied by tankers, while Seqwater builds a new water treatment plant.

Urban Utilities spokesman Michelle Cull said residents could save water with simple methods.

"Avoid watering between 8am and 4pm, mulch your garden to retain moisture, and water less often but for a little longer to encourage deeper root growth," she said.

"Inside, you can reduce your water use by taking shorter showers, turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, and only doing full loads in the dishwasher or washing machine.

Water saving tips can be found the Urban Utilities website.