WATCH: Two whales scare blazes out of Parkway Drive drummer

PARKWAY Drive drummer Ben Gordon's latest visit home at Byron Bay has proved especially memorable after two whales leapt from the water only metres from his kayak.

According to information posted with a video of the incident, posted to YouTube by Bilal Tetuani, Mr Gordon was out kayaking with his mate Dylan Garft when the whales popped out to say hello.

Fortunately, Mr Garft had the foresight to equip a GoPro camera before heading out and captured the remarkable incident on film.

9News reports says the incident happened only hours before Mr Gordon took to the stage for the first of two Parkway Drive shows at Byron at the weekend.

The website quotes Mr Garft saying the pair had no idea the whales were even in the area.

"Initially we were pretty frightened as these two whales basically snuck up on us," quotes Mr Garft saying.

"We had just seen a stingray swim through the bait ball and wanted to try to film another or just the dolphins that were feeding.

"It was a complete surprise and we only just turned on the GoPro!"