Watch: Newborn rescued from capsizing boat

INCREDIBLE footage has emerged of a newborn baby being rescued from a capsizing boat.

Doctors Without Borders posted the clip on their Twitter account where a person can be seen desperately trying to hand over the newborn to the rescue vessel.

One of the crew manage to grab the baby which is later shown in a hypothermic blanket. The person handing over the baby also gets pulled on to the boat.

The video comes just after the announcement today that they have joined Greenpeace on a joint operation to help refugees make safe passage from Turkey to Greece over the dangerous Aegean sea.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) AKA Doctors Without Borders are working with Greenpeace in small three rigid-hulled inflatable boats with the help and co-ordination of the Greek Coastguard.

They have staff both at sea and on land to provide express treatment to those attempting to make the treacherous crossing.