As state election campaigning reaches its final days, we've asked the people of the Sunshine Coast what really matters to them.

Twenty residents were interviewed by Sunshine Coast Daily intern Kane Doherty about issues they want to see the next state government address.

From the airport runway, overpopulation, limited jobs, rising rental prices and pollution, the community had a lot to say.

Coast candidates reveal their stance on big issues

Out of 20 people, four said the airport was one of their biggest concerns, including Kin Kin's Aurora Daniels.

Ms Daniels said the changes to the runway and flight paths were frustrating.

"If the flight path could go more over the ocean it might not impact people as much," she said.

Marcoola resident Tara O'Brien said finding work and rising house prices were also of concern to the young people in the region.

She said more support, more entry level jobs and financial support to save a house would be useful.

The environment and pollution were also a hot topic.

Josh from Mountain Creek said there was more work to be done to protect the environment.

"There's too many people here and there's just too much of the land being destroyed to make way for roads and things like that, which is great for now but not in the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years," he said.

His solution was to stop cutting down trees and building infrastructure on foreshores and native areas.