Sky News - Peter Gleeson
Sky News - Peter Gleeson

Watch live as candidates go head-to-head in 40 seats

Queenslanders will have the chance to get to know the candidates vying to represent them in State Parliament, as The Courier-Mail and its sister publications across the state host a series of live-streamed online debates from tonight.

The debates in 40 seats across the state - including the 10 marginal electorates expected to decide the election - will get to the core of the issues that will most influence voters.

Debates in Maryborough and Hervey Bay today will kick off the series, which we are delivering in partnership with Sky News.

Courier-Mail editor Chris Jones said it was vital for voters to be armed with the knowledge they need on their local candidates ahead of the October 31 poll.

"Elections are never just about the two leaders," he said.

"It is important for voters to have the chance to get to know the people who want to represent them as their MPs.

"These debates will help inform voters of not only what the key issues are in their electorate, but where each of the candidates stand on those issues."

Both major parties will have a lot on the line as they battle it out to win the first fixed four-year term in Queensland's history.

The election comes amid a coronavirus-induced recession, with issues such as jobs, infrastructure and community safety expected to be at the top of the agenda across the state.

A YouGov poll conducted in June showed the LNP was leading Labor 52 per cent to 48 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis.

Internal party polling since has indicated that is still the case.


Sky News presenter and Courier-Mail columnist Peter Gleeson
Sky News presenter and Courier-Mail columnist Peter Gleeson



Courier-Mail editor Chris Jones
Courier-Mail editor Chris Jones



Despite the high stakes, Labor has so far only committed to debates in the 10 most marginal seats - Barron River, Thuringowa, Mundingburra, Whitsunday, Keppel, Pumicestone, Aspley, South Brisbane, Redlands and Gaven - and 10 of the other 30 virtual debates.

Sky News personality and News Queensland columnist Peter Gleeson will travel to north Queensland to moderate debates in some of the most crucial seats.

"North Queensland is incredibly important because I personally believe that it will shape the outcome of the election," he said.

"I believe that in the southeast corner in many respects the status quo is likely to remain, but if there is to be a change in government it will come in seats like Mundingburra, Thuringowa, Keppel and Whitsunday.

"Anyone who has any interest in politics - even if they don't generally take an interest in what is going on across the state - I implore them to have a look."

In conjunction with hosting the candidate forums, "Gleeso" will be providing insight and analysis for Sky News during the week - as well as his regular newspaper columns.

The Maryborough debate will be live-streamed on tonight from 6.30, followed by the Hervey Bay debate at 7.30.

Tomorrow, debates will be live-streamed from Mirani and Bundaberg, with Rockhampton on Thursday.








Maryborough: Tuesday 6.30pm

Hervey Bay: Tuesday 7.30pm

Mirani: Wednesday 6.30pm

Bundaberg: Wednesday 7.30pm

Rockhampton: Thursday 7.30pm