HOW does Nexus Infrastructure plan to complete one of the most ambitious parts of the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Second Range Crossing?

The 800m viaduct across one of the largest gaps in the Toowoomba Range is currently under construction, with this process explained in a new video.

Nexus posted the video today, with a narrator showing how the contractor will install the massive Super-T girders.

"The bridge is constructed using modern-day technology that consists of a launching gantry for the installation of the Super-T girders that forms the main part of the structure," the narrator said in the video.

"The viaduct has 22 spans, with a typical span-length of 38m, with 11 Super-T girders each. It has 21 piers with a tallest height of 22m.

"The foundations are designed with six poles per footing, which allows reducing the earthwork movement."