WHAT happens when you take Hamish and Andy, a robotic dinosaur and a handful of unsuspecting "targets"?

Lots of laughs. 

Hamish and Andy borrowed a robotic Raptor from Jurassic World: The Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

They put it in the underground car park at their work.

And then lured a colleague down to the car park.

Hamish and Andy hid in a car as target number one came out of the lift.

And face-to-face with the realistic Raptor.

"It's so real. Oh my god it's so scary!" she said after bolting back to the safety of the elevator room.

Target number two was an unsuspecting female who came out of the lifts and not seeing the dinosaur, walked away.

Until of course it roared and chased after her.

And then she ran. And screamed. And ran.

"We've got a runner. We've got a runner. Chase her," Hamish said.

"Are you okay?" Andy asked when he caught up to her hiding behind a pole.

She said: "I don't know how I feel about it. What is he?"

"Joshy" aka target number three entered the car park and peered around the corner before shrieking and running back to the lifts.

Looked like news of Jurassic Carpark was getting around.

But maybe target number four didn't get the memo.

Just before "Fi" entered the car park, Andy said: "We still haven't seen anyone pee or poo their pants."

"Which is a real shame," said Hamish.

But the boys weren't disappointed.

After sighting the dinosaur, screaming and running back to the lifts, Fi revealed she'd wet her pants.

"Did you actually wet your pants?" Andy asked.

"I did a little bit," she said.

"Okay guys, we got a code yellow, we got a code yellow, that's a big success," Hamish said.

If you worked with Hamish and Andy, wouldn't you know better?