A RECKLESS P-plate driver has been caught on camera driving on the wrong side of the road to beat busy traffic.

The incident was caught on dashcam in Strathfield, Sydney and sent to Ray Hadley.

"Ray was sent this dashcam video of an idiot P-plater in a Range Rover not only overtaking double lines but pushing its way into busy traffic," a Facebook post by the Ray Hadley Morning Show read.

Footage shows the driver in trying to push their way back into the queue after crossing double lines to get ahead.

As other motorists wait patiently to turn onto Parramatta Rd the P-plater decides they don't want to wait and takes off on the opposite side of the road again.

They make it to the front and pull out in front of oncoming traffic, completely ignoring the red light.

Fortunately no one was hurt by the dangerous stunt.