Waste view is crystal clear, so why isn't anything done?

THERE is a wave of change rolling into Ipswich and it will break at the next election if politicians don't act soon.

Dumps are not a new phenomenon in Ipswich.

They've been here for decades; lightly dusting nearby homes while providing Ipswich its signature scent: Faeces No.5.

A growing choir of anger at the number of dumps and the negative effects on the community is something we have not seen before.

Residents are vehemently opposed to any landfill expansion, a position evident in the submissions to Ipswich City Council about BMI's super dump.

The council took a positive step last month by opposing Bio-Recycle's plans for an extension to its Swanbank tip.

The state's changes to town planning should also be viewed as a good step to stop dumps.

Planning changes must be followed by clear rhetoric and vision by our city's politicians.

They have the ear of the Premier, of ministers and of big waste industry businesses.

What will they say when another application for a dump in Ipswich is put forward?

Residents' views are clear.

Every one of the city's politicians should back their constituents or outline why the waste industry should be allowed to expand at the back fence.