Rubbish pile in Blackstone.
Rubbish pile in Blackstone. Rob Williams

Waste operation complaints 'falling on deaf ears'

IPSWICH residents have no confidence in the State Government or the council when it comes to compliance at Ipswich's dumps.

Since December, 48 complaints related to dust, smell and nuisance have been lodged with the State Government's Environment Department.

That's on top of 46 complaints in the previous three months.

The last time the government issued infringement notices to waste operators was in September 2016, when two penalty infringement notices were issued to a company at Tivoli.

For the past six months, the secretary of an Ipswich environmental group has regularly supplied the appropriate state departments with photographic evidence and accounts of compliance breaches at existing waste facilities. Sometimes multiple times a day.

It wasn't until this week Geoff Yarham from Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments felt the State Government was listening.

"They seem to be listening now although they don't seem to be doing anything," Mr Yarham said.

LNP leader Deb Frecklington said it was unacceptable for the State Government not to enforce its own environmental regulations.

"The compliance measures and regulation measures are there for the councils and the governments to enforce," Mrs Frecklington said.

"We all want the right environmental protections in place and that's why regulations are there. That sort of thing has to be above politics. They've got the power to force compliance, they just need act."

Earlier this month, Cr Antoniolli said he and the other councillors would use the cabinet visit to discuss the city's waste management, now and in the future, with the State Government representatives.

"Everything from the existing and future application, as well as the level of non-compliance of existing operators will be discussed," Cr Antoniolli said at the time.

"We will also be discussing the future of waste management in our area."