Eric Sczesny leaves Ipswich Courthouse on November 18, 2020.
Eric Sczesny leaves Ipswich Courthouse on November 18, 2020.

Wasn’t me: Burnout driver changes his story

A MAN caught the wrong kind of attention while doing a burnout in his Ford Falcon.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard police were initially unable to intercept the offending vehicle, but later tracked it to the driveway of a Brassall home.

Eric John Sczesny was eventually identified as the driver after police reviewed CCTV footage.

Sczesny, 23, from Brassall, pleaded guilty to wilfully making unnecessary noise and smoke at Haig St, Brassall on August 30.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said the car was seen to be driven off at excessive speed at 4.30pm and when officers came across it soon after parked on the driveway they could smell burned rubber.

“He (Sczesny) said he was the driver. Another male said we don’t know who was driving,” Sgt Dick said.

“He (Sczesny) then said he was withdrawing his statement.”

The registration plates of the Ford were taken and the car was impounded for 90 days.

Sgt Dick said CCTV was obtained from KFC Brassall, showing the Ford being driven away by the same occupants just before the incident occurred.

Sczesny told Magistrate Virginia Sturgess he was a leading hand in an aerosol paint factory.

“It is a silly mistake I made,” he said.

Ms Sturgess then asked Sczesny why he was driving in such a manner, given it was such an irritation to other people.

“What’s the attraction (to doing burnouts). It must cost a fortune in tyres,” Ms Sturgess said.

“Wish I could tell you, really wish I could,” Sczesny responded.

“It is just silly I guess.”

Ms Sturgess noted that a lot of police time was wasted to establish Sczesny was the driver.

Sczesny was convicted and fined $427.