COLDEST MORNING IN DECADES: Warwick started the week hitting -6.2 degrees on Monday Morning.
COLDEST MORNING IN DECADES: Warwick started the week hitting -6.2 degrees on Monday Morning. Chris McFerran

Warwick's coldest August morning in over two decades

TEMPERATURES plummeted across the region on Monday, sending shivers through Warwick after a warm weekend.

Freezing temperatures started the week, reaching a low of -6.2 degrees this morning, making it the coldest August morning in 23 years said Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michelle Erry.

"This morning was the coldest August day on record since 1995 and coming close to the coldest Warwick morning on record at -6.7 from July 2007," Ms Erry said.

Residents would have woken with coldest temperatures appearing at 5.42am.

"The temperature was at its lowest just before sunrise, you genuinely see the coldest temperatures around then as it's the longest time without any sun," Ms Erry said.

On Tuesday, it was minus 2 just after 6am.

After experiencing Sunday morning temperatures of 5.2 degrees, Ms Erry said the cold snap was brought on by a change in winds.

"There was an exceptionally dry air mass over night," she said.

"Over the weekend Warwick was caught in a northern trough system and a south-westerly changed came through last night.

"A combination of dry air mass, clear skies, and wind decrease caused the sudden drop in temperature."

Warwick hit a chilling low, close to 9 degrees below the average August temperature of 3 degrees.

"These temperatures definitely stand out for this time of year, they were well and truly below the average August temperatures," Ms Erry said.

The weather didn't change much around the region, with Stanthorpe recording a low of -6.4 degrees, their coldest August morning since 2008.

Temperatures are expected to rise again during the week, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting low temperatures of -4 and -3 before northern winds bring up the temperature back to the zero degrees mark.