Sheep prices ease back at Warwick sale

WARWICK selling agents yarded 990 lambs and hoggets and 336 sheep at the weekly sale yesterday.

Top lambs account TG and MS Thomson of Boona Mia, Tara, sold for $135.

In a smaller yarding of both sheep and lambs, the market eased slightly on last week's rates.

A good line-up of hoof and hook competition lambs met strong support from buyers with the champion pen of lambs selling for $204.

Market quotations :

Crossbred lambs 46-55kg from $124 to $135

Crossbred lambs 42-45kg from $112 to $121

Crossbred lambs 36-42kg from $106 to $114

Crossbred lambs 35-40kg from $98 to $105

Crossbred hoggets 61kg to $83 shorn

Trade wethers $8 selling to $ 84

Light wethers $4 selling to $ 48

Heavy Xbred ewes $10 selling to $94

Light ewes $3 selling to $40