Warwick resident Marlene Vincent was rescued by an
Warwick resident Marlene Vincent was rescued by an "absolute gentleman" from RACQ in Briggenden.

Warwick grandmother praises her roadside hero

ALONE and stranded nearly 400km from home, Warwick grandmother Marlene Vincent knew it was going to take a near miracle to make it back safely.

What she was not expecting was to strike up an unlikely friendship with her RACQ hero.

Marlene was halfway through the 10-hour journey home after visiting family in Rockhampton earlier this month, when her car unexpectedly broke down just outside Biggenden.

Stranded at a service station with her suitcase, pet budgerigar, and no nearby friends or family, Marlene said she felt totally lost.

"I was very distressed. I was shaking, and I was just trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do," Marlene said.

"I'm not supposed to drive the car by myself because I've been diagnosed with a heart problem, so the specialist doesn't like me driving long distances by myself."

Marlene was flooded with relief when RACQ serviceman Paul Bust arrived only 15 minutes after her call, quickly loading her car onto the tow truck and getting them on the road.

The grandmother said despite Paul's obvious expertise, it was his overwhelming kindness that made her feel safe and comfortable on the long journey back to Warwick.

(He) was just wonderful, he couldn't have been kinder. It turned out he liked the things our family had been doing all our lives, so we had everything to talk about," she said.

"I couldn't praise them anymore. Honest to God, they were fabulous and organised everything for me."

Paul's outstanding service did not go unnoticed by RACQ either.

"Our members are always our first priority and we're glad we could get Marlene back on the road," RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said.

The somewhat perilous journey was no less stressful for Marlene's daughter Jacqui Vincent, who said her mum's encounter reaffirmed her own belief in the power of kindness.

"We were so very, very worried about her, and it's just so nice to know that she was so looked after," Jacqui said.

"We can't always be there for her, but it's so wonderful knowing there's people out there who are going to look after without knowing her or her story.

"It's almost like he helped her as he would his mum."



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